DustyPad is a new multi-tab notepad utility which comes as a standalone executable file for easy and quick use.

With DustyPad you can add as many new pads as you like within a tabbed environment and then save your pads for later use.

An easy to use interface is also provided to browse through your various pads and you can also close pads at your own request at the click of a button.

DustyPad also gives you the ability to change the font style, colour, size and effects by selecting text and click the Font button. Word wrapping is also provided in this tool.


A full list of current features available for use within DustyPad are below:
  • Multiple Tabbed Pads
  • Open txt or rtf format files
  • Save as txt or rtf format files
  • Cut / Copy / Paste 
  • Search Function
  • Full Font Changing Functionality
  • Close Pad / Close this Pad / Close All Others Pads 
  • Word Wrap
  • Undo / Redo
  • Clear All / Select All
To download DustyPad, simply visit our Downloads section.

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  • Click Here to Download   0k - 1 Aug 2016, 04:14 by A.J. Armstrong (v2)
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  • DustyPad v1.1   0k - 8 Oct 2015, 15:46 by A.J. Armstrong (v2)
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  • Pad File   0k - 8 Oct 2015, 15:37 by A.J. Armstrong (v2)
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